The Little Dog Laughed – 4 February 2010

[slideshow=57]Over 150 theatregoers descended upon the Garrick Theatre last night to attend Jamie Lloyd’s production of The Little Dog Laughed. Douglas Carter Beane’s play has opened to an array of mixed reviews, though the audience on this particular night certainly seemed to leave satisfied.

The play offers commentary on the superficial world of American show business. Rupert Friend portrays up-and-coming movie star Mitchell, a charismatic, yet confused young actor whose aspirations to rise to the forefront of the industry are slightly thrown off course by an inner suspicion, and later admittance, of homosexuality. The audience quickly learns that our protagonist is in fact, gay; something which he intends to keep hidden from the public’s knowledge as per the request of his brazen and ruthless lesbian super-agent Diane (Tamsin Greig). The stage belonged to Greig on this night, whose performance captivated the audience with stimulating comedic interaction and passionate rants.

Harry Lloyd submits a fantastic performance as a maybe gay –maybe straight rent boy who must decide what to make of his “girlfriend” Ellen (Gemma Arterton). Arterton, using a unique mix of overt brashness and down-home loneliness, allows the audience a peek into her oft-pessimistic character, intent on chosing her own happiness (above everything else) when found at the crossroads of youth and adulthood.

The quartet of cast members joined their director and’s Terri Paddock to provide the us with an introspective Q & A shortly following the curtain call. While Greig discussed how the character of Diane has slowly been developing different personality traits as the run progresses, Rupert Friend touched on his decision to accept the role of a homosexual character for his debut on the stage. The close-knit crew seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s presence, cracking jokes and teasing one another making it an entertaining evening for us all.

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Alex Mangini

CAPA Internship Programme

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